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Chat Investigator

Efficiently analyze, classify, translate and comment on chats

Chat Investigator allows easy and direct import of chat data. For example, WhatsApp or Sky ECC data can be uploaded directly to the tool. A parallel work with investigators, translators and other users is easily possible, as well as the subsequent naming, filtering, searching, translating, commenting and exporting of the data.


GPS tracking system for vehicles and people

Our application PASSIM allows the precise localization of objects and persons. By evaluating the movement data collected via PASSIM, important conclusions can be drawn for business operations and potential for improvement can be taped.


Forensic Case Management Tool

Manage your digital investigations as a team

The Forensic Case Management Tool increases the efficiency of digital investigations by breaking down barriers and thus enabling different stakeholders to collaborate on all aspects of digital investigations such as analyzing or managing the data or for reporting.

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