The Forentec Academy serves as a center of expertise, offering specialized training in digital forensics, IT security, and Open Source Intelligence OSINT.

The Forentec Academy provides a range of educational offerings, from general public courses to tailored, executive-level instruction, as well as advanced modules for subject matter experts.

Our training sessions are led by seasoned instructors with deep practical expertise. Depending on client requirements, we can host these courses at Forentec facilities, on-site at the client's location, or via a virtual platform.


Employees are the number one risk factor for your organization's IT security. Contact us for customized awareness training, phishing simulations, or e-learning solutions to heighten your team's vigilance. We provide tailored configuration to meet your specific needs, offering templates designed for both staff and board members.

Strengthen your human firewall now!

Customized trainings

Upon request, we design customized training sessions, both one-time and ongoing, that are tailored to your unique requirements and extend beyond our regular seminar portfolio.

We have experience designing specialized training programs for a diverse clientele, including federal agencies, municipal governments, law firms, corporations, small-to-medium enterprises, and educational institutions.

Continuing Education for Experts

In collaboration with selected partner organizations, we conduct advanced training sessions led by subject-matter experts. These sessions enable professionals to deepen their specialized knowledge in IT forensics, IT security and OSINT. A detailed course overview and additional information about the individual courses are available through the link provided below.

Knowledge is Protection.
Stay one step ahead thanks to our trainings!